The DailyWufei: WAAAA!! This site is so unoriginal!! *hic* If only I shcould get a better job. I coulda been a contenda, but I stupidly decided to ba a Gundsham sharacter. *hic* Uh-hunh...I coulda been a shomebody. I coulda been...*konks out on the table*

Duo: Pooooooor Wufie!!!!! Who could've guessed that he was a weak drinker!! *looks at Wufei sympathetically* Only two cups! And he's a cryer too. I woulda thought he would be a violent drunk. Huh, just goes to show... *dodges Trowa as the silent pilot stumbles by*

Trowa: DIE!!!! *launches himself at Duo*

Duo: Man, who woulda thought that Trowa was the violent one...*runs from Trowa's approaching strangle-hold*

Well, we don't quite know why those two are drunk, but we'll just play along...

Wufei: AHHH!!!! Who put that on!!!!! That never happend! I don't cry!! And MAXWELL!!! how DARE you let TROWA on to this site!!! Next a singing chipmunk will come on and tapdance!!!!!! Singing, tap-dancing chipmunk: LA! Wufei: NOOOO!!!! the injustice!!! But all who come here must laugh at the pathetic flame we have recieved! So on my stinky dirt children!! You shall visit the new flame-mocking page!!! WUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

We would just like to say that before anyone looks at this site they should take into mind that this site is for entertainment purposes only.
Nothing, and we repeat, NOTHING should be taken seriously.
If you do, that kind of defeats the purpose of the site.
We apologize for the fact that we're just STARTING TO LEARN HTML, so sorry if it's not too good yet, and yes this was a trial page, just to see how much we know, and to improve on it later when we get better.
Again, this site is only for entertainment.
But if you want to know, yes, we really do hate Door.

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*ponders* In England they have these strange signs that say:

"Restricted Zone" then these's a picture of a blue circle in one of those things that means no, like on the no smoking signs, then it says "At any time".

So is that supposed to mean "Restricted Zone. No blue at any time"? Does that make any sense? Email us with what you think it means. We have been pondering this for ages.

This site was created on June 18th, 2000. It was last updated: October 23th, 2001 We added the Do you think door is a knave section!!!!!!!(Always forgetting this part but this site is updated almost everyday!!) Note: Okay, we KNOW our guestbook sucks. It cuts people off and only allows a certain number of entries but until we feel like changing it... (which will probably be never) you'll have to deal with this one. SORRY!!

Duo: Nothing we can't handle though!!

Wufei: Of course they don't doubt us...(Looks through screen.) RIGHT?!

Everyone: NO, SIR!!

Wufei: I didn't think so.


Duo, Wufei And Quatre: SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK!!


  • Even though everyone probably already knows this, we still have to have this here for those few of you who don't!! Gundam Wing in no way belongs to us, rather we are a part of it. This site is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing here is meant to offend anyone. However, everything on this site except for the things contributed to other people are copyrighted by us, and you may not take it!! Unless we tell you you can.

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    (Our site is Quatre Approved too but he couldn't make it here to say so.)


    Duo: YAY!!