Wufei: This is where stuff goes that we don't know where else to put it!!

Duo: Not much to say here though...

Quatre: Well, our first fun thing is a poem sent into us about Door!!

Everyone hates Door
Of that no one will lie,
So I've taken it apon myself
To make DOOR DIE!!

"But how to do this job?" i ask,
"A brick against his face?"
Though its used for butterflies,
I need a change of pace!"

While wandering down the steets,
My hand, it holds my brick,
When found I raise it above my foe,
And SMASH....oh darn! His skull's too think!

My victim lives and escapes unscathed,
'Cept for the dent thats in his head,
I give chace, I'll kill him soon,
I'll use this bazooka instead!!

I fire and fire again, again,
But alas, I missed I must confess,
he goes up a building to get away,

"Stop!" he crys all whining and scared,
Cornered on a building top,
"I just got my hair done, please don't shoot~"
But then he falls off the building...plop.

A semi happens to be passing by,
On the street on which he dropped,
Honk honk!!!...Crunch....Door's wounded!!
A truck accomplished what I could not!!

I take carful aim with my gun,
And shoot him in his head!
Oh joy! Oh happyness! Oh bliss!
he's dead! he's Dead!! HE'S DEAD!!!

Everyone hated Door
Of that no one lied,
But now they are glad and celebrating,

Duo: And we have another poem. This one you have to read by saying, "D for...". Try to follow that...

D ink, a big one too
O nore, the Japanese knew
O bsessed, with his stupid cape
R ed wine, it's hurt him to take

Wufei: We also have a very interesting and funny battle with Pikachu Versus Door sent in by Colby!! Go to it using this link!!

Pikachu Versus Door!!

Quatre: Some one was nice enough to DRAW us this picture!!

This picture was drawn by Kia Purity, so it says on the picture, in kana. And if you can't read Japanese, we're telling you now!! Thanks Kia!

Duo: And today's weather in Hell is...

The Weather in Hell

Duo:DreamLight wrote us this wonderful poem about the death of door

The Death of Door

Door is supid.
That we all understand.
Why must he live?
When we try to rip off his hands?
Why can't he die?
It makes me wanna cry.

Door is dumb.
His name makes my head go numb.
We wish we could rip off his head,
And parade around, yelling "HE'S DEAD!"
It causes great pain,
To know he is not slain.

Door is NOT fine.
He gulps down glass after glass of wine.< If only he would pose,
So we could stab him with his stuuuuuuuuuuupid rose.
Door is this. Door is that. To let you know, I just spat. Door makes me wanna choke, until I die, or have a stroke. So lets all get our knives and guns, And have ourselves, lots of fun!!!!