Pikachu Vs Door!!

Pikachu vs. Door

Twin: Hello everyone! I’m Quatre Twin your announcer for today. Today we await the long suspended match between Pikachu and Door. We have um…er… borrowed the battle arena for today’s match..

Crowd: YAY!!!!!!

Twin: Quiet!You want the webmasters to find us???

Crowd: oops…

Twin: Okay! Today our gong ringer is… What the?

Twin whispers to his assistant off microphone: Is this the only person we could find?

Twin’s assistant: Yes… and we used to date.

Twin: Shutup, you’re fired.

Twin's assistant walks away sadly

Twin back on microphone: Sorry for the delay folks!Our gong ringer for today is… Sailor Moon…

Crowd moans unhappily.

Sailor moon walks out with the mallet in hand

Sailor Moon: Hello all you cuties! Say hi if you like me!

Crickets chirp to break the eerie silence

Sailor Moon: Oh! You make me so mad I’m going to hit this thing! Sailor Moon rings the gong. Which unfortunately snaps and crushes her.

Crowd: yay!!!

Twin: Okay our two fighters have walked out onto the field. Door draws his sword and starts trying to stab at- oh crud! Pikachu has just frapped Door and his sword. Door makes a quick comeback by throwing his cloak on top of Pikachu… AH!!!!! Door has just ripped off his hair and is stabbing the confused Pikachu with it

Crowd: Eew!

Twin: Wait! Another turn of events! Pikachu has found it’s way out of the cloak and has started tearing all of Door’s skin off! This is carnage it’s beastly it’s horrible ‘it’s profitable… I mean… um… That’s it! Pikachu has ripped off all of Door’s skin leaving him a lump of pinkish bone! Pikachu wins! But for those of you who absolutely hate Pikachu…

Twin presses a button under his chair and Pikachu spontaneously combusts!

Twin: Well, it seems that both of our fighters have been eliminated. Nobody wins! (Except the person that got paid to host this match heh heh heh…) Goodnight everyone! Be happy knowing that three forces that everyone hates have been eliminated!


Suddenly, Wufei, Duo and Quatre come in.

Wufei: WHAT?! SOMEONE has been killing Door in the arena and WE weren't responsible for it!!

Duo: Someone is in a lot of trouble...


Quatre: I never knew I had a semi evil twin... This is actually kinda interesting.